At Duthoo , we want to be the reference in providing color solutions, offering the best possible experience to all our customers.

Since moving into our new building, we have a dedicated area that shows the best of what we have in store in terms of (stain) colors. We would like to invite you, preferably by appointment through your representative, to be inspired by a careful selection of colors specifically for interior wood finishing.

In doing so, you can browse through our own collection of more than hundreds of stain colors, which can be produced the same day if desired.

We develop your color!

If, despite our extensive database, you are looking for a specific color for your project, we can develop your color specifically to your specifications. Because such a development process is labor intensive, you should take into account a lead time of 5 to 10 working days on average. Depending on the project, a development cost is usually charged. In order to achieve good color development, we request that you always provide us with sufficient unprocessed wood. This raw wood must be the same one you will use to finish your project and with the same sanding treatment. These factors have an important impact on the final color.

Technical support & visual inspection

Know that our technical-commercial staff will be happy to advise and assist you in order to achieve the best result. You probably know better than anyone else that correct and steadfast application is crucial to achieving the right finish.

Every color that leaves our premises undergoes a visual inspection. Our employees are also trained to guarantee maximum constancy in color production. However, this does not completely rule out the possibility of mutual color differences. Therefore, it is very important that before finishing a project, you also perform a color check.

In the video below, our representative Francky talks a little more about the stains and why they can add value to your furniture. 

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